When we a couple of years ago started to convert Hölick to something different we had one thing in mind - the accomodation itself should be an important part of the experience. We wanted to get away from the idea of small red cabins with very basic equipment. Today we can proudly say that we probably can offer one of the most modern and stylish rental cottages in Sweden! The 90 sqm architect-made villas with their own outdoor jazuzzi solitary situated in the nature really offeres something new and fresh. These villas has further beeen widely recognized in architect media in many countries.

For our guests that can do with something smaller we have developed very nice 24 sqm hotel cottages that are furnished in New England style - these cottages include all necassary amenities like TV, DVD, Showers,  toilet, a small kitchen and your own little terass for your barbeque evenings. Bed linen, cleaning and a small breakfast is all included in the price.

We can further offer our guests self-catering options. The difference is that you need to bring your own bed linen and breakfast (or order it separatly for a small fee). 

See our accommodation options here and feel free to send a booking request.

Boende Lagunen sovrum
Boende Hotellstuga
Boende Lagunen lounge