Now it will be even more fun to go to Hölick...

After a few years of creating a high quality summer resort accommodation with the new design houses, together with our hotel cabins, new showers, toilets and public areas the development of the resort will continue. Below you can see some of the most important news. 

Adventure Golf

A new adventure golf course is constructed at the resort. It is made in a completely unique design for Hölick. Traditional mini golf courses are more made for a sunny afternoon in July, while the obective with our adventure golf course is that it should be fun to play on regardless of the weather and more similar to the game around the green of a normal golf course. This is probably one of the most enjoyable summer activities in the region. 


Furthermore, we have started the construction of a unique outdoor spa area with pool, jacuzzis and various types of saunas. The objective is that the spa will be fully completed by June 2018.

More spacious tent and camping area

We have taken down over 400 trees to improve the environment for campers and caravans. This year we have taken the step to expand the area to get more space, and the goal for 2018 is to create conditions for what the next generation of campers would expect from a high class establishment.